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Atelier avec Agnès van Gaalen

Merci encore pour ton accueil et pour la qualité de la leçon que j'ai reçue hier.
Je suis rentré en région parisienne et je suis impatient de retravailler sur les légumes quand le tableau sera sec !
J'espère être digne des conseils de la grande artiste qui m'a fait naître à la peinture à l'huile.
En attendant la prochaine leçon avec impatience , je te souhaite une bonne journée

Ton élève François Dürr

François Dürr

Nogmaals bedankt

Dag Agnes (en Bas),

Door middel van deze testimonial wil ik je graag nog eens bedanken voor het feit dat alles zo goed geregeld was: de glascursus (juli 2016) en vooral ‘de buurkamer’. En…. Niet te vergeten jouw fantastische déjeuners.
Ik heb een heerlijke week aan de Loire doorgebracht.

Hartelijke groeten,

Sandra de Heus

Anjo inspires! Getting the basics with room for own creativity.

I joined a 5-days course in lampworking, by Anjo Brohm in july 2016, in La Charité-sur-Loire, France, as a absolute beginner.
Each new day, she introduces you to the next level of working with glass on the torch. Stimulated by Anjo to have a open mind towards working with glass, I noticed that in order to reach the goal of the new day, I needed to master the techniques I learned yesterday (and the day before) :-).
So we went from elementary techniques to using dots, creating stringers and applying them, doing 3-dimensional things, creating youw own murini's, making hollow beads and blowing them...
It was a fantastic introduction to working with glass on the torch. Leaving me with lots of inspiration, and the urge to practice, practice practice...:-)

Bob Faber

Thank You !

I'd wanted to paint for a long time, but not even being able to draw I was completely lacking in confidence , but then finally decided to have a go .... Very shortly afterwards I followed a number of sessions with Agnès who took me through a series of " Getting Started" lessons covering watercolor, acrylic, and monotype printing - then later open air oil painting.
With Agnès' warmth of personality, sense of humor and a pedagogical approach that completely suited me , my painting sessions quickly became extremely enjoyable and very addictive. Thank you dear Agnès !

Jennifer Hogan


One of the best workshops (Antonin Passemard and Anastasia Dukhanina. Agnes and Bas made it even more special. One of the highlights of my life. It was unforgettable.

Nadene Kranz

Your art classes are the best. Your wonderful food and residence is like a page from an enchanted story. I totally recommend any of the art classes you are offering. A rewarding and unique experience.

Linda Rosenblum

July 2014

I made it back home and doing fine, but missing your fantastic, delicious, and wonderful lunch. Of course the painting as well and the beautiful country side of Bordeaux.  It was a wonderful workshop and I like to thank you again for making this possible. Ben is a great teacher and I learned a lot to further my artistic endeavors.

Helga Parker

June 2014

A week with Ben Lustenhouwer was a dream come true for me. I had discovered him on the net and he proved to be one of the best teachers I have ever had in my painting life. He taught us methods, the importance of getting the essentials of the model on the canvas, color mixing and came to our help when we thought we'd never succeed. Ben taught us things about photography too, useful when you take a picture of your model. He really knew what he was doing and was kind and patient. For me the most important thing was that he changed my tempo and made me work more carefully, less fast and slapdash. I am 76 but I wish I'd met him twenty years before. Take my advice: It is never too late for a week with Ben!

Dody Dony

June 2014

Afgelopen week bij Table Tableau portretschilderles gekregen van Ben Lustenhouwer. Ik heb genoten van de hartelijkheid, gastvrijheid, vriendelijkheid en professionaliteit. Ik kijk terug op een leerzame en gezellige week. Ben, Agnes, Bas en Tanja, hartelijk dank.

Betty van Duijnhoven

June 2014

The Table-Tableau Workshop Center has an inspiring working environment in a beautiful area of the French Burgundy. The portrait painting workshop is lead by Ben Lustenhouwer, a master Portrait painter and skilled teacher. I have learned a lot, which enables me take a few steps becoming a better painter.

The owners of this working centre, Agnes and Bas van Gaalen, create the right conditions to make this week, interesting and enjoyable. The lunches they serve are excellent and vary everyday.

A week, not likely to forget.......

Remy Diephuis

I want to thank you both for a really special week. I am happy with what I learned in Ben’s class, it was extremely helpful and will be applied to my personal level of portraiture. I have taken many workshops and classes over the past 20 years and have never had such a wonderful environment to take a class in.The studio was bright, comfortable and extremely suited for painting. The highlight of each day was the delicious lunch you prepared Agnes. It was a work of art! Overall, the workshop atmosphere was ‘heel gezellig’ and well worth travelling from Canada to experience. Thank you, Els

Els Swart
zelf extra in blue.jpg

June 2013 - I learned even more than hoped for from Ben Lustenhouwer's course "portrait painting". When you see him on the YouTube’s, it doesn't seem so difficult- just follow the instructions and look "I can paint a portrait". Well dear earthlings so it is, so subscribe and improve your talent. In real-time you just start sweating and crying for your mother for help when you mix the colors for a perfect skin tone. At least it was in my case. Ben is a patient master with a good sense of humor, but above all a very skillful one. It’s my opinion that you can learn a lot from him, beginners and the more advanced. The course is very intense with a high level of concentration. Thank The Lord that in the middle of it all you hear Agnes’s (yes I do refer to Agnes of God) voice chanting: “Lunch will be served in five minutes”. It’s a three course blessing, beautifully presented and yes we are in France so let there be wine to encourage us.
It was a great time and I met just lovely people, how on earth is that possible.
It was magical.
Guy Swart

Guy Swart

Voor het tweede jaar naar de Nievre in Frankrijk afgereisd voor een week portretschilderen o.l.v. Ben Lustenhouwer. Ik heb weer veel geleerd van Ben, want wat is hij een geweldig docent!!
De verzorging in Table Tableau is werkelijk uitstekend: de sfeer, de rust en de aandacht: heel bijzonder om mee te maken. De lunch is van een uitstekende kwaliteit met producten zo uit de tuin: dat is genieten hoor voor deze lekkerbek. Ik kijk nu al uit naar volgend jaar.
Ben, Agnes en Bas heel hartelijk dank voor alles

Anke Otten

July 2nd, 2012 5:30 pm
….,Wat een leerzame periode moest zijn, voor wat betreft portretschilderen, is meer geworden dan wat ik had verwacht… Gastvrij is een understatement gebleken, het is alsof we jullie al langer kenden, alsof jullie familie waren.. Heel fijn, heerlijk verzorgd eten, prachtige verhalen en, onbetaalbaar, de humor, die jullie hebben, maakt het tot een feestje! Een feestje waar ik weer heel graag naar terug zou willen.. 🙂 Dank voor jullie oprechte vriendelijkheid, niet alleen de geweldige les van Ben, maar ook jullie houding heeft mij ENORM geinspireerd Dus : tot ziens! Dominique Coenen

Dominique Godeke – Coenen

July 7th, 2012 12:35 pm
We have just completed 1 week of Portrait Oil Painting Master course with Ben Lustenhouwer. We have learned a lot, from converting photos to sketches, especially oil color mixing and how to blend in the colors of the fleshtones etc. Ben has giving us the guidance required but at the same time allow us room to attempt on our own and allow us to have our style. He is truly a portrait master, a great teacher and a person. Bas and Agnes has been a wonderful host, fantastic lunches of international cuisine by Agnes and Tania. Well done ! I look forward to seeing the website in English. Best wishes to All Cindy W

Cindy Woon

July 8th, 2012 We just finished the 1 week course of portrait painting by Ben Lustenhouwer. And what a great week it was! We learned all the steps of how to oil paint a portrait from the beginning which was/is incredible usefull when you want to paint a portrait. I have also discovered with this course what I like and don’t like of my own painting. I am very gratefull for Ben to have given his 30 years of experience in this course. Thank you Ben! Also Agnes and Bas are seriously the best host in France, and believe me I am not an easy person to please 🙂 I would give this course a 10 out of 10! Hanneke Lambert

Hanneke Lambert:

July 19th, 2012
Ik ben al weer even terug uit het mooie Frankrijk, maar wat heb ik genoten van de week portretschilderen bij jullie! Wat was het fantastisch! Elke dag aanschuiven voor de heerlijkste gerechten, niet alleen lekker, maar ook een lust voor het oog.. Geweldige les van Ben, de gezelligheid, mooie verhalen, fijne accomodatie. Dank jullie wel!!

Carina Bergsma-Kroeze