Songwriting – Music Workshop  

Writing and performing your own song!

Participate in the fascinating process of creating your own original lyrics and music under professional guidance and in coöporation with others.

Workshop Songwriting


  • Starting with a brainstorm session: stories,  passion, experiences, love, hope.
  • Everybody notes down keywords during this session.
  • Working out ideas into lyrics, individualy or in coöperation.
  • Discuss the results and adapt where neccessary.

Workshop Songwriting


  • Which way we go: style, song, rap, ballad     
  • Finding a melody and the right instrumental accompaniment
  • Deviding tasks: vocals, instruments

Workshop Songwriting


It’s great when you are playing an instrument.  For those with no or little musical experience there are simple basslines, guitar/keyboard parts and additional percussion that we can work on.  The main thing is feeling satisfied in what you are doing: rehaersal!

Workshop Songwriting


We will start the recording session when the result is satisfactory to everyone.

Workshop Songwriting


After five days of working intensively and joyfully together, our goal is for everyone to go  home in a very good mood with a couple of nice recordings of original music to be proud of.

Workshop Songwriting


The workshop will take five days, starting in the morning at 9.30 am -1.00 pm.  Then we will have a rich  three-course lunch. Afterwards we will work from 2.30 pm -5.00 pm. in the afternoon.

Lunch - Atelier Faubourg

Data: 24 – 28 of july 2017

Price: € 510,- for 5 days from 9.30 am -1.00 pm and from 2.30 pm – 5.00 pm, including lunches.



Accommodation: Click here for accommodation in La Charité sur Loire

Gerard Brohm - Workshop Songwriting - Atelier Faubourg

Gerard Brohm: upright bass, bassguitar, guitar and percussion

Gerard played in several Pop-,Jazz- and Latinbands. In the 70’s and 80’s he worked with American Jazz Musicians doing concerts in Holland, Belgium and Germany (Ron Wilson Trio, Jacques Pelzer/Charlie Green Quintet). The organisation of concerts and festivals resulted in the exploitation of a Jazzclub in s’Hertogenbosch Holland. He spend several longer periods in Portugal and worked with musicians from Angola and Brazil. He worked at the Conservatory in Tilburg and was involved in the organisation of cultural projects. Gerard played in Dutch Jazz formations (Iris, Kwartet Willem Kühne) and Brazil-Jazz band Nega. At the moment he is playing in Jazz-, World Music- and Latin-formations: Trio Liberdade, Trio Misto, Volopzon, Bossche Kornuiten.  Besides playing he is active as a workshop leader and composer of songs and instrumental Music.